Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Trellis- Part 2

Hey Everyone!

I tried to go outside this morning (actually, it's 11.. can you even classify that is morning?) to write this, but my Scarlet was being a diva and was whining to come inside!! Zoey was loving it, now that she's my easy-going dog and doesn't mind anything! 

I think I will probably be spending most of my time outside this week when I'm home, as my DH and I have started a little construction project! We are replacing our floors with hardwood! :) My house is VERY dusty, although I've tried to vacuum everything. Hopefully we'll be done in a month (or sooner hon, if you're reading this!). This is what my house currently looks like, minus the living room, kitchen, and small dining room (we haven't got to this yet.. although I'm sure after I get home from work today we might continue to these rooms!)

(This is my dining room)

Anyways, on to the reason why I'm here today! I finally finished my Trellis!! :) I'm so excited about the way it turned out and the fact it was SOOO cheap!! :) 

Here are the rest of the tools you'll need to finish the project. A hammer, wire (I can't remember the gauge we used, it is fairly small. You could always double it if you needed to.), and some nails.

1. Start putting nails into the wood about 10-12 in. apart. I put the nails on the back, so they weren't sticking out in the front where everyone would see them. 

2. Wrap the wire around your first nail, where you're going to start it. Then hammer the nail into the wood, on the side, so the nail is holding the wire. 

Sorry the last picture is blurry, but you can see how I hit the nail up. I did not drive the nail all the way into the wood, so I would have nail left to wrap and secure the wire.

3. Then take the wire to another nail, on the other post, and wrap it around that nail. You'll keep repeating this until you're all the way to the last nail. 

Sorry that you can't really see the wire, but it's there! :)

4. Make sure that all the wire is secured by the nails and using wire cutters (sorry forgot that you'll need this tool too!) to cut the end of the wire.

5. Plant your tree/ vine or whatever you're going to use. I put some miracle grow on mine. I also use this stuff below for about a week after I plant anything new. It's really good and adds lot of nutrients to the plants. You only use a little bit of this. I think it was around $10 at Lowes.

So, the final cost break down. I looked around online and all the trellis were starting around $50.
Wire: $6
Posts x 2: $1.96
Nails: $.50 (Around this, I only used 6)
Quikrete: $3.88

Total: $12.34

That's a lot better than $50! I

If you wanted more of a lattice look, you could always get wood and make your own too! It would be a price difference, but probably still under the cost of a wood trellis!

Good luck!! :)


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