Sunday, June 10, 2012

Homemade Trellis- Part One

Hello Everyone!

So about two months ago (I know.. I've been procrastinating!!!), I bought a one year white grape vine from this wonderful farm market right down the road from me. I also bought a 2nd year pomegranate tree/bush! Which, I can't wait to get some pomegranates!!!

Anyways, I knew when I bought the grape vine that I wanted to make a trellis, instead of buying one! So, I got this idea in my head and I'm running with it. This is Part One of... well I don't know how many parts because I'm still building it!

Part one is about how to install wood posts for the trellis. This is also how you install wood posts for fencing. It's SUPER easy and ANYONE can do it!!

1. Dig a hole. You want the hole to be pretty deep. Dustin said that we should dig it 1/3 of the length of the fence post, but that TOTALLY did not happen because we couldn't dig any deeper.

 This is how big my hole ended up being. My foot/shovel is to show you how deep we dug it. (It was probably about 16 inches.)

2. Put the post in the hole, don't worry about making sure it is level yet.

 3. Pour the Quikrete into the hole and spread it evenly around the post. This is when you level the post in the hole. If you're doing fencing, you want this to be exact. But I didn't really mind if it wasn't exact. You'll see later why it doesn't matter. Obviously, we did eye it and it's probably pretty level.

 4. Pour a lot of water in it, like below. There is a measurement of how much water to use, on the bag. But we just poured lots of water in it. It does soak into the Quikrete, so make sure you add enough water.

5. Spread around the Quikrete to make sure it's level in the hole.

6. Leave it alone to dry.

That's it! It is so super easy that ANYONE can install wood posts! You'll see how I'm going to finish my trellis in another post. I'll tell you that, as with any other project, I watch my budget and save money. For this project, the Quikrete was $3.88 and I bought the two 8 foot posts for $.98 at HomeDepot. I usually go to Lowes, but I couldn't pass up the awesome price of them! So this project was around $6.00. I'll tell you the final total when I am finished, but it will be WAY less than buying a trellis at HomeDepot/Lowes!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful week.. and may the odds be ever in your favor! :)


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