Thursday, August 1, 2013

1 Dollar Baby Leggings, Yes Please!

Hey Everyone.

So since I became a stay at home mom, I've been doing a LOT more craft projects. My DH laughs every time I start a sentence with, "I saw this on Pinterest..."

I've also become a lot cheaper, since going down to one income. So when I saw baby leggings on the internet, I fell in love with them! The ones that I loved were $10-$12, which wasn't bad.. but I knew I could make them since seeing something like this. (On Pinterest of course!)

While shopping at Dollar Tree tree, I saw they had packs of knee socks for $1.00 (of course!). So, I bought one of each. They also had two packs of crew ones for $1.00 (I bought those too!). The crew ones are a little harder to make.. I'll make a tutorial later! Since it's back to school time, I believe they're stocking these cute socks right now!

So here's the tutorial!

1. Cut the sock above the heel part. This only works for KNEE SOCKS. If you're doing crew socks, they're going to be too short. Don't worry, I'll post a tutorial for those later.. sometime.

2. Turn the sock inside out and pin a little less than half an in. around. I'm not sure how to better explain this, just look at the picture below. Make sure you pin it though- trust me. When I made my first pair for the 4th of July, the sewing was not straight at all.

 3. Sew it. It helps to pull it tight when you're sewing it.

4. Turn it inside out again! Ta Da!! Baby Leggings!!

Here they are on my baby! I had to put her on her stomach because she kept moving her legs on her back. Ignore her outfit. I just wanted to show you how they looked on a baby.

Good luck! :)


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