Friday, September 20, 2013

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Topiary

Hey Everyone!

I went to Dollar Tree last week and saw they have all their fall stuff out! I love it, I get so many ideas for crafting there. Since everything's a dollar, I don't feel bad buying stuff to craft with there in case it gets ruined. Although, this time I literally almost passed out from how much I spent, it's the MOST I've ever spent at Dollar Tree. I won't even tell you how much, but it was under $50, not by much though!

Anyways, here's the Topiary I made to go in the urn outside my front door.

I LOVED how this turned out! I just took glue to make the numbers and then put copper glitter over the glue. Then I just hot glue gunned the pumpkins together, tied some rafia around them, and hot glued leaves/flowers to the pumpkins. 

The next part is going to seem weird, but I forgot to get Styrofoam at the store to use to make an arrangement (and actually this turned out much better I think). I looked around my house to see what I had to use, this is what I found! 

I took a plate, put some rocks on it, and hot glued the styrofoam bowl on the top. Then I took dollar tree leaves and glued them all over the outside of the bowl and the plate. Then I hot glued the flowers and other fall stuff on it. The best thing, EVERYTHING was bought at dollar tree (Except the plate/bowl/glitter/rafia.. but I'm sure you could buy those there too!). I would say this cost around $8.00. 

And with the stuff left over, I made this!

I love fall!! :) 



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