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I love the new CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge!! There is SOOOOO many things you can do with it! Here's something else I made using this cartridge! I got my inspiration from Sunflower Stamping. And I will soon be making the other cute characters on her website. So I made this completely with the Art Philosophy cartridge, no scissors!!!

(Isn't he so cute?!)

I tried to make these directions a little easier and I also shot some pictures of a cutting guide. Forgive me though because I forgot one piece.. the top of the hat!

Okay, here we go :)! Pay attention to your keys, including the shift key. I use the shift key on some of these.. including the two flowers and the bottom of the hat.

1. Cut two <Circle3> (pg41). One at 2 1/2 in. and one at 2 1/4 in. in White Daisy cardstock. These are his beards.
2. Cut two <Flower3> (pg 57). (Make sure your shift key is pushed) Both at 3/4 in. in White Daisy. These are his sideburns.
3. Cut two <Circle1> (pg 21). Both at 1/4 in. in Black cardstock. These are his eyes.
4. Cut two <Circle1> (pg 21). One at 1/2 in. (nose) and one at 2 in. (head) in Vanilla Cream cardstock.
5. Cut <Banner5> (pg 59) at 2 in. in Cranberry cardstock. This is his hat.
6. This one is tricky. Cut <Banner5> with the shift button pushed (This would make the command <Petal2>) AND the Decorative Layer button pushed. You're going to have BOTH shift and decorative layer buttons pushed before you hit the <Banner5> button. Cut this at 2 in. as well in the White Daisy cardstock.
7. (This is the one I forgot to put on the paper) Cut <Flower5> (This will be a shift one!) at 3/4 in. in White Daisy cardstock.

Now we're ready to assemble!

1. Take the smaller scalloped circle and fold it KIND OF in half. You're going to make a tier with this circle. Look at the picture :). Snail this together.

2. Take the Vanilla Cream circle cut at two in. and layer that onto the bigger White Daisy circle cut at 2.5 in. Make sure to put the Vanilla Cream circle towards the top of the scalloped circle, like in the picture.
Sorry this is rotated.

3. Take the "Halved" scalloped circle and place on the bottom of the head, closer to where the overlap of the bigger White Daisy scalloped circle is. This is confusing, look at the picture.

You might want to play with this a little bit to get it perfect.

4. Next add the eyes. You might want to place your nose first so you'll know where your eyes will be. Whatever works for you :).

5. Then add the nose. I first sponged it with Holiday Red Ink and I used a "Pop Dot" to make it stand out.

6. Now take a Q-Tip and put it in the Holiday Red Ink and use this to add some rosy cheeks to the Santa.

7. Next put on the <Banner3> Piece cut from Cranberry cardstock to the top of his head for his hat.
8. Put on his sideburns. Be careful with the placing of these, as you'll want to hide the folding of his beard.
9. Then put on the trim of his hat and the "Pom Pom" on the top of his hat.

10. To hide the two circle that are cut out of the trim of his hat, I used glitter gel on all the white pieces. It also makes him sparkle!!

11. And if you want to make him extra special, you can put some Holly on his hat! The Holly Berries are cut from Cranberry cardstock with the <Circle1> (pg 21) at 1/4 in. And the Holly Leaves are cut from any green paper (I had some printed paper left over from an old Christmas CTMH paper pack) with the <Leaf3> (Use shift!) (pg 46). at 3/4 in.

How cute are they!! You can see my first attempt at him on the left, not too bad for my first one!!

E-mail me if you have any questions! Dreamwithpaper@gmail.com


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This is absolutely fantastic! Do you mind if I use these instructions in a workshop? I will give you full credit. My email is liveteachcreate@gmail.com

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great!!!love all the glitter too.

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That is just tooooo cute!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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